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Collectables Auctions in Manchester

Want to have the best online auction software for collectables auctions?

Here's a refreshing online auction alternative that will certainly turn heads and is not running from a group website.

Webtron's software eliminates the need to interact with third-party and group websites thus improving your brand equity, bidder loyalty and profitability.

Our software is designed for independent collectables auctioneers selling art and antiques in Manchester. Our online action platform is enriched with a plethora of features that will enhance the auction experience for your bidders. Online auctions add both a positive atmosphere and additional entertainment to an auction, by combining the element of technology with a traditional auction, whilst reducing geographical barriers for your bidders. Webtron's Online Auction software allows collectables auctioneers to conduct live or timed sales from Manchester, and have them streamed over the internet to online bidders in the UK and around the world. 

Webtron provides a professional, branded hub to your online auction needs. Our internationally recognised software is designed to drive bidder loyalty, and to promote business growth for you. All Webtron Online Auction events are run off your own website; which means increased bidder engagement, a breakdown of geographical barriers, and long-term bidder loyalty for your firm. Who knows what somebody around the world might be prepared to pay for your collectables? 

Manage a branded hub for all of your online auction needs on your own website:

Since 2007, Webtron has augmented its product offering to match the demands of your bidders. After a decade of industry experience, Webtron's online auction software features many simple easy to use features made for you and your bidders, including:

  • eBay style Timed Auctions
  • Industry leading and feature rich Live Webcast Auctions;
  • Pre-bidding and absentee bidding functionality; and
  • No expensive hardware required - copy and paste a simple line of code to get started!
  • Managed by you with user friendly features and customisations for your staff;
  • Your brand, colour scheme and logos; and
  • Works seamlessly across all browsers, computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Low fee structure
  • Not a group auction website
  • Bidder data privacy – your bidders stay your bidders
  • Runs on your own website and managed by you
, not a group site.
  • Multiple languages and currencies;
  • Simple and easy for you and your bidders;
  • Mobile bidding on Apple and Android phones and tablets

  • Bulk imports for your bidders, lots, and photos;
  • Real time reporting;
  • Online Support and more.

Webtron's Online Auction software has been proven to provide your collectables company with endless possibilities for upwards growth beyond Manchester. Equipped with all the features we know that your bidders will adore, we invite you to disrupt the status quoWho knows what somebody around the world might be prepared to pay for your collectables? 

Timed or live webcast format?

Live webcast and timed auctions both work well for collectables – so please talk to us about the best option for you. But to give you an idea of how each works:

  • Once set up, timed auctions run on your website automatically. This gives you the time to focus on your auction marketing activities.
  • With a live webcast auction, you can create excitement and entertainment around your auction event and give your business the added exposure it’s looking for.

For a powerful online auction solution that is proven to drive bidder loyalty and business growth in Manchester and beyond, contact Webtron on 0844 579 117 now.


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